The pharmaceuticals industry, always searching for innovation and security packagings, discovers new horizons with Sleever

Sleever® will introduce the packaging for the pharmaceutical industry to protect, inform, meet regulatory requirements and fight against counterfeiting. Sleever International's latest innovations can open new horizons for this demanding industry, whose strategy is perpetual innovation.

Sleever International will explain the many advantages of its Sleever ® a multifunctional packaging with a final outer dimension which can cope with complex forms; providing information, protection and sustainable development. A flexible answer to regulatory requirements: with the Sleever you can meet these printing evolutions with flexibility: Braille, Datamatrix, 9point text, leaflets and in the future serialization. All of these items are usually considered as a source of extra costs.

With Sleever International's solutions, they become elements of satisfaction for marketing, the supply chain and user security. They correspond to the market's requirements and demands, and comply with the norms and regulations in force.

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