SWG wins customers in the automotive market segment

It is not only the recent Innovation Day “Tactile effects are decisive” that has clearly confirmed the growing importance of tactile structures in various areas of everyday life.

Applications for tactile surfaces are not limited to the decor and packaging sector; use of such tactile stimuli has long since been well-established in the automobile industry too. In a vehicle’s interior, the decor provides that certain something needed to create an effective interaction between colour combination and the shape of the fittings, and is further supported by the texture.

For years, Janoschka has developed decors that meet very specific requirements in this application context. In collaboration with a leading international provider of automobile equipment, Sächsische Walzengravur/SWG, a Janoschka subsidiary for many years now, supplies embossing rollers for car brands like BMW, Mercedes, and General Motors, amongst others.

With a consistent philosophy of investing in the latest technologies for 3D engraving, such as the Cellaxy direct laser and 3D scanning, it has been able to provide the automobile and decor market with customised solutions.

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