Mondi moves into Europe with spouted pouches

Packaging converter Mondi has upgraded its Solec, Poland plant with machinery that enables the company to produce spouted flexible pouches for the European market, at a time when flexible packaging is seeing a marked increase in demand across the region.

The market for stand-up pouches (SUP) is growing considerably with the global market for spouted pouches set to hit some 38 million units by 2020. Their growing popularity on the shelves is a result of their convenience in use, enhanced product protection and accurate application. For example, says Mondi, the re-closable packaging, combined with the barrier properties of the films used, significantly extends the shelf-life of products and limits the risk of contamination from external factors.

Ulf Wienböker, chief operating officer for Mondi Consumer Goods Packaging, said: “Mondi is building on its existing strength in pre-made SUPs, by investing further in production while sharing technology and know-how among its production sites in Europe, North America and Asia. We are also targeting the demand for greater diversity of SUPs by offering different options for a variety of consumer industries and needs - spouted pouches being one of them.

"Spouted pouches are already produced in our facilities in Seoul, South Korea and Jackson, USA, and a move into Europe was the obvious next step for us. Fruit juices and purées, as well as fitness drinks, alcoholic beverages and condiments such as mayonnaise, are often packaged in flexibles – particularly in Eastern Europe – and the market continues to grow in line with global expectations. We are excited to have expanded our spouted flexible pouch operations into Poland, which provides the perfect centralised location to best meet the needs of our clients.”

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