Having arrived at the end of the value chain, many old cylinders, according to current practice, are stored at the printers and thus also incur costs. 

With its new CylHub concept, Janoschka is forging alternative and above all sustainable approaches. Value creation and optimal re-use of recycled cylinders are the key points: CylHub is in particular encouraging the exchange of recycled cylinders between printshops and is acting as a central service hub and handling facility. 

For example, printer A can sell its printed cylinders in the Janoschka CylHub cylinder store. There, the cylinders are technically overhauled and processed before being sold on to printer B. When printer B has no further use for the cylinders, it can sell them back to Janoschka. 

The advantages for the printer are obvious: immediate availability of the cylinders, favourable purchase prices, saving on storage costs and reactivation of previously idle capital. 

The sustainability of the concept is undisputed too: CylHub provides an environmentally friendly cycle of recycled cylinder bases.

 If interested, please contact Jean-Philippe Daumalle, managing director of Artcyl, Tel. +33 6 83 83 10 16. 

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