Constantia Flexibles selected as one of 50 global companies uniting in an international sustainability and climate initiative

This year, Constantia Flexibles is proudly announcing to be one of 50 global companies taking part in an international sustainability and climate initiative strongly supported by the United Nations. This initiative includes videos of companies that are pioneers in the field of sustainability and is hosted by Bloomberg’s digital network. 

More sustainability along the entire production supply chain always has been a priority for Constantia Flexibles. The presentation of the more sustainable product line EcoLam in 2019, the opening of Ecoflex, the first plant in the world only producing recyclable flexible packaging, as well as the ambitious target to almost halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, are just some examples of our leadership in the field of sustainability. 

Alexander Baumgartner, CEO of Constantia Flexibles: “We as human beings and even more so as companies, have a duty to fulfil which is to leave the planet at least in the same shape and state it was when we came for the next generations. Our participation in the initiative “50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders” is a further measure for us to fulfil this duty. In the video we are demonstrating how companies worldwide can also make their contribution.” Moreover, sustainable innovation provides an opportunity for businesses to make their mark in a new and positive manner; we are taking steps to do just that. 

Constantia Flexibles have been operating for over 100 years and produce packaging flexible film and foil solutions for products such as soap wrappers, yoghurt lids, and pharmaceutical packaging. As a result, the company is in a prime position for their sustainable actions to have a significant impact on their industry and beyond. Utilising new production methods, we have created a new packaging product called ‘EcoLam’ that, being mono polyethylene is fully recyclable while retaining the barrier-like properties necessary to effectively protect against oxygen and moisture. EcoLam’s recyclable nature allows such products to become part of an effective and sustainable circular economy. However, our commitment to positive action is nothing new. 

Constantia Flexibles committed in 2005 to reducing its carbon emissions by 20% per square meter by 2015, reached that target in 2011 already and decided to take positive action further. Signing a global commitment, we have pledged that all our packaging will be fully recyclable by 2025. This ensures our products can stay within recycling streams to be reused. As a worldwide company, Constantia Flexibles understands its responsibility to continue to push for sustainable action. We have a positive outlook on what is possible with regards to sustainability through innovation and, through our own targets, are continuing to work towards a more positive result. The packaging industry needs to change, Constantia Flexibles is proving that it can.

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