Arla to invest millions in global innovation centre

Arla's board of directors has taken the decision to invest 270m DKK in a new, global innovation centre that will gather all of Arla's innovation resources in a single location. Located in Aarhus, Denmark, the new innovation centre will employ 120 people.

The aim is for Arla to become one of the leading dairy innovators in the world. In recent years, Arla has increased its innovation efforts by redesigning processes and structure. Developing new cheeses, yogurts, infant nutrition powder or butter products that consumers from all over the world will find appealing and relevant has become an increasingly important and strategic part of Arla's business in the face of tough international competition.

"We are launching more new products than ever before, and the ability to generate original ideas and products for the consumers is increasingly crucial for the business," said senior vice president and head of strategic innovation in Arla, Paul Cornillon. "Arla is one of the world's leading dairy companies, and we must be in a position to drive and lead dairy innovation on a global scale in order to increase the value of our products and create new business for Arla worldwide."

The construction of the innovation centre is expected to be completed by the third quarter of 2016. It will employ 120 people, of which 65 will be transferred from the current centre in Aarhus. The centre will be compliant with 2020 energy standards in Denmark.

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