Amcor expanding its operations in India

The company is reinforcing its position in the expanding sector of Indian packaging to achieve inorganic and organic growth. The report says, meanwhile, the organization is planning to split its divisions – setting up a new company for its other units and retaining its plastics divisions. By 2015, packaged food industry of India is expected to double up to $30 billion on the account of arrival of multinational companies in the modern retail trade and this sector.

Ralf Wunderlich, who is the managing director & president of Amcor Flexible Asia Pacific, while commenting on this mentioned that the organization was expanding its operations in India through a series of planned acquisitions. Last year, the company purchased Uniglobe Packaging Ltd. and Alcan Packaging earlier to that. He further mentioned that their business in India annually generates $100+ million revenue and is has marked double-digit growth. Wunderlich further mentioned that their operation in India is to fulfill the needs of expanding flexible packaging market of India; hence, they are safeguarded from the falling rupee against the dollar in the span of last quarter. He further mentioned that, in the Indian market, they are planning to expand inorganically and organically. He said that they know India is a huge country offering a lot of prospects and is segmented in the four regions and they are looking out to have their presence in all these four segments. Amcor has plants in India at Haridwar, Daman and Chaken.

Prominently for Amcor, packaged food industry of India, by 2015, is likely to double to $30 billion on the account of influx of multinational companies in the modern retail trade and sector, accordingly to Assocham – an industry body. In a related report, meanwhile, Amcor is likely to be dividing up its operation. In August, Plastics News reported that the new body being formed from the split-- AAPD that is Australasian and Packaging Distribution Ltd. will be an individual listed organization by the end of 2013. AAPD will manage the beverage, glass, and fiber can packaging operations in New Zealand and Australia, along with the packaging distribution operations of Amcor in Australia and North America.

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