Latest direct laser technology in high demand

Since the end of 2013, Sächsische Walzengravur GmbH (SWG), based in Frankenberg, has had a second Cellaxy laser engraving system to meet increasing demand for high-quality gravure printing formes and embossing cylinders. During installation, particular attention was given to careful calibration with the first Cellaxy system, which the company has been using since 2012, in order to ensure consistent results in cylinder engraving.

With a total of six direct laser engraving systems at different sites since 2014, Janoschka is ideally prepared for the high demands of the decor and tobacco industry. For engraving three-dimensional embossed structures, these direct laser engraving systems are far superior to the milling technology commonly used in the past. Thanks to the ultra-fine laser beam, the depth of which can be precisely modulated, all three-dimensional structures can be engraved with the highest precision and subsequently embossed.

This technology gives Janoschka customers a wealth of possibilities for impressing consumers with, for example, the finest linework or tactile 3D effects. Sächsische Walzengravur has been a part of Janoschka for over 20 years and therefore has the backing of its extensive network and expertise. Countless renowned customers from the tobacco, automobile, packaging and decorative industries rely on SWG’s immense know-how and constant innovations.

Frankenberg is also the location of the Innovation Centre of the worldwide Janoschka network. In addition to R&D, SWG’s product portfolio also includes gravure printing and embossing formes, flexographic and silkscreen printing formes as well as in-house cylinder and sleeve production.

Contact: Prof. Dr. Lutz Engisch, Chief Innovation Officer, Tel: +49 0341 2170 464

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