Flint Group to increase packaging ink prices next month

Flint Group has announced a 6-7% rise in packaging ink prices from 15 July, two weeks after saying narrow web ink prices would increase by 5-8%. The group again blamed the effects of high raw materials costs exacerbated by a weak euro, adding that, despite "rigorous internal mitigation measures", it has been forced to boost its prices. Jens Zimmermann, Flint's director of global marketing for packaging and narrow web, said: "While the challenges in 2008 were clearly related to pricing of crude oil, the current challenges have quite a different background. "The two key contributors are major shortages of key raw materials on one side and ongoing base chemical cost increases on the other side." He added that factors such as an imbalance of supply and demand caused by the economic revival and de-stocking of supply chains have driven prices up. "The cost increases have now proved too large for Flint Group and force us to adapt the prices for packaging inks in Europe," he said.

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