Go-live for Janoschka Aegean

Linked2Brands is Janoschka’s production agency for packaging development and design adaptation and currently has various offices in Germany, Russia, Brazil, India and Turkey.

The global footprint of Janoschka has ever been a success factor in the company history. Local presence ensures the significant proximity for a customer collaboration at eye level.

Janoschka Aegean is the second production site in Turkey’s third largest city after Janoschka Izmir, and has become operational in March. Within seven months after the first stone laying ceremony in July 2019, a new building of 5 600 m² production space was constructed. 

Today, the plant is supplying rotogravure steel bases to the converting and tobacco industry in various materials and with an annual capacity of 12 000 tubes. Depending on customer demand, the bases can be produced including copper layer or even ready for engraving.

The new premises are also the home for the late Linked2Brands team in Turkey. 

„Our customers profit of the advantages of such a dedicated production hub. It aligns with the market’s demand for flexibility and short lead times. On mid-term, Janoschka Aegean will extend its product portfolio by the manufacture of rotogravure printing tools including all state-of-the-art technologies. Another gain is doubtless to have the Linked2Brands team under the same roof. The building offers enough capacity for growth, and current market developments predict an increase of both pillars, tooling and agency business.“, says Lutz Braune, Chief Sales Officer, Janoschka Holding. 

Contact: Janoschka Corporate Communications

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