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microglyph® Codes: Counterfeit protection through invisible binary codes
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Janoschka security: Clever solutions with added value

The fact that bank notes and official documents need to be counterfeit-proof goes without saying, but authenticity protection is increasingly gaining importance for brand owners too. The production and sale of copies have now reached significant economic proportions and are causing considerable loss of revenue. What connects all security features is an extremely complex development and production process.

The starting point for us, irrespective of the application, is always the individual problem: through our experience, process competence and outstanding industry expertise, we are able to translate a specific goal into a clearly defined production process. The more adeptly we combine explicit and hidden security features, encryption mechanisms and design elements, the greater the counterfeit protection. In this respect, we apply our very specific knowledge in the field or artwork and reproduction together with the use of the latest laser technologies to achieve the relevant effects.

As a partner in the security industry, we are different in that we develop a suitable solution for each context because, aside from bank notes and documents, the main focus is not necessarily on counterfeit protection, but on the clever combination of security features and brand identity.


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