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Subtle accents for tissues
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Janoschka tissue & textile: Artistic designs on all kinds of textiles

Finding the perfect interplay between colour and substrate is what makes textile and tissue printing so exciting for us. After all, we know exactly what makes all the difference.

To produce strong designs on cotton, blended fabrics, paper napkins or paper towels, you need very broad technological and process expertise. Each material has its own, very specific requirements when it comes to printing and finishing. Obtaining excellent results depends on the quality of reproduction - and this is precisely where our greatest strength lies.

With our decades of experience, we can accurately assess how the colour separations need to be created in order to achieve a particular visual effect. For each individual project, we weigh up all the relevant factors and define the ideal approach for exploiting the full potential of a motif: with an abstract pattern, it may be the clever use of spot colour combinations while with a photorealistic motif, it may be implementation in the colour set. Finally, to make sure nothing is left to chance, we also produce the printing formes for flexographic and silkscreen printing.

Our customers’ requirements are our top priority. We spend a lot of time in personal consultation and we implement the customers’ ideas quickly and reliably.


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