High gloss and matt lacquer, a powerful combination.
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Classic and stylish,
the striped wrap.
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Photo-realistic images, depending on the occasion and the season.
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Markets Decor giftwrap

Janoschka gift wrap: An elegant wrapper to suit every taste

Be it flowers or stripes, a glossy or natural look, we can transform the designs of your choice into artistic gift wrap. Every motif is full of opportunities waiting to be exploited. Since 1980, we have been advising and supporting our customers on the exciting path to the “perfect” gift packaging. In so doing, we apply individual solutions to optimally prepare each design for the specific requirements of flexographic or gravure printing.

We focus on developing printing copies that can be successfully reproduced and are cost-effective in the production process. Considering potential colour combinations, for example, brings substantial added value. Since we prepare the motif accordingly, an extremely wide range of visual effects can be achieved in print at relatively low cost. But our competence does not end with the printing copy: We also produce printing formes for gravure and flexographic printing and we offer technical support at the printers.

Throughout all phases of production, from design to print, we combine service and competence. We will not be satisfied until the gift wrap fulfils all the customer’s wishes.


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