Root wood decors,
strong texture with
a dual advantage.
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The sporty carbon look is
no longer the reserve of well-known sports cars.
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Style on the high seas
with a high-gloss wood look.
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Janoschka automotive: Huge impact in the smallest of spaces

Be it car, caravan or ship building, ultimately design and comfort are what count. We know how to set wood and fantasy decors in the smallest of spaces to give the entire area an air of exclusivity.

In a vehicle interior, the effective interplay between colour combination, texture and dashboard shape is what makes a decor solution special. For years we have been developing decors that meet very specific requirements in this application context. For some people, it is all about that look of luxury, while others prefer comfort and nostalgia. Printing on film offers a high-quality alternative to the costly use of real wood veneers. We have the experience and the know-how required to select appropriate designs and graphically prepare them professionally, as well as to guarantee accurate implementation during the printing process. Throughout all process, we work in close cooperation with our customers and we proceed with the utmost precision. Our solutions take every detail into account and leave no nuances in colour or structure to chance, no matter how subtle. Ultimately, every decor is perfectly tailored to its subsequent place of use.

Our extensive design and technical knowledge gives our customers a dual advantage: creativity in idea generation and reliability in implementation.


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