Intensive seminar: Gravure printing formes and measuring technology

Qualitative measurement of gravure printing cylinders is an important element in quality assurance and for process control. It involves the mechanical measurement of properties that can have a negative impact in the press during operation. Another important procedure is measuring the gravure cells for compliance with predefined tolerances. Discrepancies can cause a whole host of problems which often cannot be solved through measures in the printing press. Using practical examples, measurements, and their documentation, are performed and explained for various applications.

Basic understanding of the problems that can arise due to deviations of the printing cylinder. Systematic procedure and analysis of the problems. Measuring cylinders and evaluating deviations.

Target group
Specialised staff and managers in pre-press and cylinder pre-press, technical managers, quality management staff

Main themes
  • Measuring and testing equipment for cylinder checking
  • Testing and measuring cylinder geometry
  • Cylinder dimensions, concentricity
  • Testing and measuring imaging information
  • Measuring and evaluating cells using 2D and 3D technology
  • Evaluating protocols and job tickets for imaging machines (electromechanical gravure)
  • Dimensional and volume measurements/tolerances
  • Distance measurements (offset, oblique gravure)
  • Working with checklists
  • Measuring, checking and documenting, archiving data and documents
Certificate of attendance


Duration 1 Day
Price 420 €
Number of participants 15
Course Language German




Lothar Roth
Lothar Roth
Janoschka Holding GmbH
Lothar Roth is the source of know-how for technology questions, standardisation and quality assurance. He has been in the company since 1980. Mr. Roth is responsible for all research and development activities as well the offering from the Janoschka Academy. In addition, he supervises the entire technical area from reproduction through colour management to the use of workflow systems.