Customer consultant qualification: Gravure printing problem analysis

Faults, problems and errors can occur anywhere in the production process and workflow of gravure packaging printing, from data receipt through to printing and finishing. Identifying these at an early stage and establishing suitable measures for preventing reoccurrence in the future is a fundamental step in quality assurance. However, since the individual processes and production steps are predominantly linked, correct analysis of problems is not easy. At the event, basic strategies for avoiding errors and defects are presented and problems are analysed in detail. Checklists and other suitable resources are used for this purpose. Even the approach taken when searching for the cause is an important factor.

To carry out an analysis based on problems that arise and select an appropriate solution. This involves implementing and following up on organisational, technical and specialist measures. Target group Customer consultants, print buyers, specialised staff and managers in pre-press, technical managers, quality management staff

Main themes
  • Principles of quality management
  • Relevant norms and standards
  • Analysis of defects and errors in all production departments
  • Devices and equipment for analysis
  • System of analysis using the example of a checklist
  • Communication/communication platform
  • Measures/follow-up on measures
  • Working with checklists
  • Measuring, checking and documenting, archiving data and documents

Certificate of attendance 


Duration 1 Day
Price 420 €
Number of participants 15
Course Language German




Lothar Roth
Lothar Roth
Janoschka Holding GmbH
Lothar Roth is the source of know-how for technology questions, standardisation and quality assurance. He has been in the company since 1980. Mr. Roth is responsible for all research and development activities as well the offering from the Janoschka Academy. In addition, he supervises the entire technical area from reproduction through colour management to the use of workflow systems.