Kodak and Bosisio Announce a Comprehensive Services Agreement for the Packaging Segment

Eastman Kodak Company and Bosisio, a leading Argentina-based prepress house and provider of packaging technologies, brand management, production and marketing services for printers, agencies and companies in the packaging market, today announced the first joint initiative for packaging services that will enable Bosisio to provide new and unique services and applications for brand owners and printers. “The initiative makes extensive use of Kodak’s comprehensive packaging prepress and services portfolio that works across the value chain to preserve brand equity and security, enhance shelf appeal, and drive efficiency from design through print production. Importantly, this initiative will raise the industry standard regarding how brand owners can manage and protect their packaging and brand assets,” said Gustavo Oviedo, Chief Customer Officer, Eastman Kodak Company. Bosisio is part of the Janoschka Group, a global organization specializing in packaging prepress services. Janoschka has operations in 12 countries and employs more than 1,400 people. The joint initiative will initially focus on customers in South America. Bosisio is an early adopter of new technologies enabling them to expand their offerings, which include reproduction and graphic services, as well as printing tools for the rotogravure and flexographic markets. The company employs more than 130 people in their facility in Buenos Aires and three customer sites. The agreement enables Kodak to increase sales of products, services and packaging applications to multinational and global companies doing business in Latin America. “Bosisio has significant relationships with regional and international brand owners that will benefit from the expanded set of products, services and applications,” said Javier Bosisio, Co-Owner of Bosisio. “Our relationship with Kodak began in 2010, with the installation of Kodak’s 100th FLEXCEL NX System. Earlier this year, we’ve expanded our flexographic operations by installing the KODAK FLEXCEL NX Wide System. Now, we can significantly expand services to brand owners and printers for communications, brand management, brand protection, anti-diversion and counterfeit protection, proofing, print management, and printing using all major printing processes and applications for packaging.” The agreement enables Kodak and Bosisio to jointly develop and implement new solutions, including technologies, services and customer support, for the packaging market. “It represents a significant transition for Kodak from just a packaging industry supplier to also being a services provider enabling complete solutions for brand owners whose focus is increasing customer satisfaction, providing attractive and successful products and growing their businesses,” said Roberto Colangelo, General Manager, Services for Business and Vice President, Kodak’s Business Solutions and Services Group. For example, Bosisio can now offer Kodak’s complete Security Solutions portfolio in combination with FLEXCEL NX or rotogravure printing solutions, plus the complete turnkey KODAK TRACELESS AD Solution for anti-diversion protection on the final packaging line, offering a whole range of brand management for shelf impact, along with overt and covert security for brand and consumer protection—all as a single and innovative service solution. “A fundamental point brand owners and retailers in packaging around the world have shared with me is the need to be innovative, differentiated, and protective of their brand equity, enabling them to grow sales and customer loyalty for the future. Kodak sees this initiative as a major step in changing how the packaging industry achieves this for brand owners,” Oviedo said. “Our relationship is not limited to existing technologies, but will give Bosisio access for packaging applications in the next generations of flexo, offset, high speed digital, security, communication software, and services to enable Bosisio to provide those essentials necessary for their brand owner and print packaging customers to grow their businesses.”

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