SGK Rebrands Matthews Brand Solutions Flexographic Business in Europe, Asia and the Americas As Schawk

SGK, a division of Matthews International, and a leading global brand development, activation and deployment provider that drives brand performance, announced today that it has rebranded the Matthews Brand Solutions flexographic business in Europe, Asia and the Americas as Schawk.

The rebranding is part of a larger strategic initiative to optimize SGK's brand portfolio by consolidating brands. The Schawk brand is part of SGK's brand deployment business which also includes its Saueressig brand. This affects eight local flexographic business brands in Europe, one in Asia Pacific and one in the Americas.

David Schawk, group president, SGK said: "The driving force behind the rebranding is to facilitate the buying process for our clients worldwide and create a more seamless service experience. We are unifying the knowledge, expertise and resources of all these brands around one global brand, Schawk, and focusing on delivering a consistent brand experience." Added Schawk, "It also enhances Schawk's position in the industry as a truly global brand, further differentiating us from competitors."


The following local brands and their offices have been rebranded Schawk:

In Europe: InTouch (Leeds, UK) Klischeewerkstatt Scholler GmbH (Nuremberg, Germany) Rasterpunkt GmbH (Vienna, Austria) Repro Busek Druckvorstufentechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Vienna, Austria) Reproservice Eurodigital GmbH (Munich, Germany) Rudolf Reproflex GmbH (Goslar, Germany) Rudolf Reproflex GmbH (Leipzig, Germany) S+T Reprotechnik (Julich, Germany) TWL Nyomdaipari es Kereskedelmi Kft (Budapest, Hungary)

In the Americas: Matthews Brand Solutions Atlanta, GA Appleton, WI Boston, MA Indianapolis, IN Pittsburgh, PA St. Louis, MO

In Asia Pacific: Tact (Hong Kong) Tact (Shenzhen)

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