4.000 metres of wrapping paper for a good cause

In one minute they created 150 meters of wrapping paper with a total of around 4,000 metres, which in turn was wrapped into 2000 individual roles by those supporting ARTHELPS.

Students at the Printing and Media Faculty of Stuttgart’s Media Technical University took part in a charity project during their initial internship: alongside the ARTHELPS initiative they printed “AidPaper” - wrapping paper that will be offered for sale and the revenues will serve a good purpose. Getting practical experience and doing a good deed - that is the aim of the joint charity activity by the ARTHELPS initiative and the Media Technical University (HdM).

As part of the “Artvent” project, the association designed wrapping paper with children and young people from crisis areas. The HdM printing and media technology course were responsible for the printing.

Janoschka Kippenheim sponsored the engraving and chrome-plating of the gravure cylinders.

“The activity was all the better this time for combining the initial internship with a charity project. And the students are also learning,” explains Armin Weichmann, professor of gravure printing for the printing and media technology course about the work with ARTHELPS. And the students were delighted to be involved in the implementation. “I think it’s great to make a small contribution and support people in need,” explains Aglaia Bartelmess who was on the project team. About ARTHELPS The ARTHELPS initiative implements art projects with people from a socially disadvantaged background. The artists, designers, graphic designers and other creatives all work as volunteers. The initiative worked with asylum seekers for the “Artvent” projec. The items created - including the wrapping paper - will be offered for sale at 18:00 on Saturday 19 December 2015 at the “Das Gerber” shopping centre in Stuttgart.

“Because it is important for us to support young people involved in gravure printing, we love supporting HDM projects. In this specific case of helping refugees, the sponsorship comes from the heart. There are nowhere near enough joint activities like the “Artvent” project,” comments Stefan Hilss, CEO of Janoschka Kippenheim GmbH.

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