CCL installs Comexi offset CI8 printing press in Völkermarkt plant

The Comexi Group, supplier of converting solutions for the flexible packaging industry, has agreed to install its offset CI8 printing press at CCL Label's plant in Völkermarkt, Austria. The press employs central drum offset technology system with an automatic sleeve change.

The Comexi solution is one of the first web-offset presses that can be used for printing on variable lengths over a central impression drum, combining the advantages of offset, as well as variable print length and flexo central impression drum printing. By placing various technologies in one place, the press can overcome issues faced by conventional printers and it can print on thinner and more elastic materials including OPP, PET and PE.

The machine has the capacity to make last minute design changes, together with fine-tuning and fast production, as well as fast design changes by using lithographic plates.

Using the offset CI8 printing press, CCL will be able to expand its production capacity and allow new products and a wider range of substrates to be printed with offset high-quality. The energy-efficient Comexi offset CI8 helps to curb the environmental impact caused, due to the use of solventless inks.

CCL Industries currently operate 97 production facilities in 276 countries and employs more than 10,000 people across the world. The company converts pressure sensitive and extruded film materials, and supplies its products to the consumer packaging, healthcare, automotive and consumer durables markets.

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