Louisenthal expands foil facility and triples capacity

After a construction period of approximately one year, the new production facility for high-security threads and foils was officially commissioned yesterday evening. Louisenthal invested some 30 million euros in the environmentally friendly expansion of its production capacity. Since foil production commenced in 2003, capacity has been almost tripled to 20 million square meters a year. Buoyant sales of high-security features have led to the creation of 50 new jobs at the site.

“We produce enough high-security foils to cover the surface of nearby Lake Tegernsee twice over, while incorporating precision structures that are smaller than the wavelength of light,” said Dr. Wolfram Seidemann, Chairman of the Louisenthal Management Board, highlighting the technological dimensions of the new thread and foil production facility. “This enables us to produce banknote security elements that you can trust.”

Improved reproduction technology and increased use of ATMs place ever-greater demands on the security and durability of banknotes. Banknote complexity has risen dramatically in recent years. All the technologies required to manufacture advanced security elements, such as holographic security threads with color-shift effect (ColourShift or RollingStar®) or special foils for hybrid substrates, are housed in the new production facility, which covers some 4,000 square meters.

By expanding the foil facility, Louisenthal is advancing its position as a technology leader in order to meet the burgeoning demand for sophisticated banknote security solutions. This step also reflects an ongoing commitment to long-term growth of the location.

The new plant at Louisenthal offers proof that growth is not automatically harmful for the environment. Sustainable exhaust air treatment and efficient heat recovery cut CO2 emissions by up to 800 tons a year. Louisenthal supplies banknote paper and high-security foils to more than 100 countries worldwide The company operates two production facilities, both in Germany – one at Louisenthal in Bavaria, and the other at Königstein in Saxony.

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