Ceramic Digital Printing

The digitally printed heater element was a great eye catcher at the recent architect&work fair in Stuttgart.

Whether designs from their own design pool or customer-specific drafts – digital printing on a wide variety of materials gives all creative professionals sufficient design freedom to conceive individual room concepts.

Ceramic digital printing can turn a bathroom into a feel-good oasis and a kitchen into a location. Digital printing with ceramic inks allows versatile use of printed glass surfaces, as room dividers for example or shower cubicles, for kitchen design or as lighting and heating elements. A special firing technology means the design is optimally protected against heat, water and wear.

The reproduction of decors, whether stone, wood or fantasy, has always been one of Janoschka’s core competences. It is a market segment in which the international company has been firmly anchored since the firm was established in the 1970s.

With its own digital printing machine, a Durst RHO700, Janoschka underlines its commitment to the decor markets. All standard materials, such as glass, paper or melamine, can be printed, and even metal can be used as the print material. A special process ensures the absolute durability of the print and its resistance against scratching or other damage. The range of substrates is therefore broad and offers plenty of options for a wide variety of applications.

Please feel free to contact Mrs. Nadia Oukid, Business Unit Manager Decor, at any time on tel.: +49 7825 849 440.


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