Campbell’s launches Selection range in SIG packs

Soup giant Campbell’s has announced that it has launched a range of soups called Selection in SIG Combibloc carton packs. The ready-to-serve range will be launched in the 750ml family sized soup carton pack – Campbell’s first 750ml food carton pack in the UK. The range will also be available in dual single serve 300ml sized carton packs. ‘Convenience’ SIG Combibloc marketing manager Cindy Haast said: “In the food sector, health, transparency, modern lifestyle and sustainability are the four big trend topics that consumers are interested in. “Increasingly busy consumers are looking for convenience and added value, as well as quality and nutrition. “As the ‘eating in’ trend continues to grow, as does the versatility of soup which is now enjoyed on many different meal occasions. “Buying a 750ml carton pack is perfect as a starter for dinner party guests or as part of a main mean option for busy families.” ‘Contemporary’ Campbell’s marketing controller David Cherrie added: “Our consumer research shows that people react extremely positively to SIG Combibloc carton packaging. “It looks great on shelf, is new to the soup and easy to shop and store. It also has a contemporary and quality feel.” 

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