GST with PaC.Space

The Packaging & Label Gravure Association recently published the first edition of the GST, the Gravure Specifications and Tolerances. It is the first-ever set of specifications for the global gravure industry, of course dedicating some pages to Pac.Space, the first general gravure packaging color space.

Pac.Space allows a defined interface from supplied data to the process specific and printer specific conditions. PaC.Space covers CMYK process colors. PaC.Space supplies the colorimetric description of that color space, and also color profiles to convert to this color space. Profiles are supplied as ICC profiles as well as GMG profiles. As the characterisation data of the PaC.Space are also supplied, it is possible to create own solutions such as profiles, DeviceLink profiles etc. All conversions can be done with standard tools. The conversion from PaC.Space into the printer specific color space is in the responsibility of the printer, cylinder maker and repro house. It can be done with the same standard tools as the conversion of the supplied prepress data. PaC.Space supports a color space and workflow, which even in a very early stage of the design or production allows to create a proof close to the final printing conditions. This avoids any disappointment of the customer, as well as reworking of the prepress data either. The handling of the data can all be done in PaC.Space, which in consequence reduces cost and also the lead time. Quality and confidence of the supply chain increases.

As part of the ERA PRO Gravure working group, that initiated and developped PaC.Space, Janoschka could substantially contribute to this success.


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