Grand Opening Janoschka México

Janoschka México is the youngest branch in the Janoschka network and extends Janoschka’s international presence since 1 January 2011.

Gravure cylinders, electro-mechanical and direct laser engraving are in the prepress supplier’s product portfolio, just like artwork and repro.

The high quality of the Daetwyler Direct Laser Systems (DLS) is demonstrated in the image area through high-resolution reproduction and outline-free vignettes, and in line elements through sharp-edged text reproduction and excellent evenness of the ink. The relatively strong laser engraves directly in the cylinder’s zinc surface. At 70,000 cells per second, the DLS process is around ten times faster than electromechanical engraving. In addition, both the cell size and shape can vary.

Together with the image-to-print road show, Janoschka México held its grand opening in mid June with numerous guests.

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