New gravure printing press for short runs

The Dynastar is Windmöler & Hölschers solution for short and ultrashort print runs of under 3000 metres. The most important innovation is the changeable cylinder concept with slide-in carts. The new concept offers the possibility of making all preparations for the next print job while the machine is running. Due to its compact design, the 8-color version of the machine only requires a floor space of around 22x4 m with a hall height of 4 m.

In addition to common gravure cylinders the new press can be combined with an innovative loan cylinder concept to further increase profitability. The new concept was developed in collaboration with the cylinder manufacturer Janoschka. Instead of buying and storing cylinders themselves, printers can loan them. The logistics are handled by express service provider. The new process is made possible due to innovative, especially light cylinder blanks. With a new process these cylinders can be adjusted from a standard size to the diameter needed and therefore be used repeatedly.

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