ERA Packaging & Decorative Conference 2014

SWG in Frankenberg

The ERA Packaging and Decorative Gravure Conference 2014 will be held in Dresden, Germany, on 4/ 5 November.

The conference programme will highlight the latest developments in packaging and decorative printing, not only in gravure, and also the packaging buyers’ demands on the printing process for their packaging, and the ongoing developments in on-press colour management for packaging and decorative printing.

Practical insight will be given by a plant visit to Sächsische Walzengravur (SWG), which is part of the Janoschka. SWG is a modern and versatile organisation, manufacturing and engraving gravure, flexo and screen printing formes, engraving embossing cylinders, and making speciality products (eg gravure and micro sleeves). With over 20 years of expertise in laser engraving for printing and embossing formes and an exceptionally innovative approach, SWG is the Innovation Centre of Janoschka and a respected partner in several national and international innovation projects, including 3D technology, direct laser engraving, novel galvanic processes for engravable surfaces and lightweight cylinder systems.


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