Smart surfaces for the home furnishing industry

The low cost production of genuine decors is essential for the take-away trade of the furniture industry. Janoschka has proven the impact of a smart design for one of the most popular furniture makers in this segment.

Three-coloured wood decors were printed with three cylinders directly onto flake boards so far. However the Janoschka customer, which is one of the well-known suppliers in the home furnishing industry, may now produce the furnitures with only two cylinders. The reproduction is built up in such a smart way that the whole decor can be printed with one single rotogravure cylinder. This makes the printing process of course much easier since any mis-register is eliminated from the first. The mat varnish for an attractive surface feel is being applied with a second roller. The created decor gives a very vivid impression on one side and can be reproduced reliably on the other side.

“For us the service and added value for our customers are fundamental. We see us as a service provider within the value-added chain: in this specific case the customer benefits of a high class surface and he can reduce his production costs at the same time”, says Nadia Oukid, Business Unit Manager Decor.

For any further information please contact Mrs. Oukid, Tel.: +49 7825 849 440.

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