Tactile Decors

Tactile surfaces by means of embossing or lacquers have become a common standard for FMCG packaging, and it has moved into the focus of the furniture and floor industry as well. 

Alternatively to the conventional pressing plates on the decor market, Janoschka is now presenting the latest state-of-the-art solution. By means of lasered rubber rollers a tactile varnish may be applied to the decor. The given structured dimension ensures an authentic character comparable to the original. Printing it in register even allows the structure to be synchronized with the printed design which intensifies the realistic impression any more. 

Customers definitely profit of a flexible and attractive all-round solution. Different structures are available short term and the lacquer coating and hence the tactile intensity may vary. Compared to the price of a pressing plate the investment for the user in a rubber roller is manageable. 

Not only wood, but also phantasy, leather, tissue and stone textures can be realized with this new technology. 

Your contact is Egon Eich, Business Manager Decor, Tel: +49 7825 849 234. 

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