Adapted sales structure

The reshaping of Janoschka, which started last year, is continuing consistently. With modified structures, the declared objective is to become the most customer-oriented company in the marketplace.

After the modifications to the sales organisation which started in 2015 with the introduction of Global Account Management for tobacco, and the SBU Converters currently being structurally adapted, the senior management has now announced the next step in the reshaping:

As of 01 June 2016 Mr. Lutz Braune will be appointed as the Chief Sales Officer (CSO).

In the newly created position, Mr. Braune will be responsible for all sales activities at an international level and for all divisions.

“The focus here is again on the service concept for our customers. We see ourselves as a partner for our clients, and we know their markets as well as their strategic and operational challenges and needs. Combined with a dedicated sales team, this will become the formula for our needs-based and potential-oriented consulting,” explains Alexander Janoschka, CEO and shareholder of Janoschka.

For more Information please contact Lutz Braune.

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