Interprint Furniture Days 2012

A well-visited event full of experiences! Once again the 6th Interprint Furniture Days turned out to be a successful staging of the new decors. Centered around the theme “Living in Contrasts“. The idea-driven decor printing team not only presented the leading trends for the coming years, but also provided its audience with ideas for further processing.

The organizer’s goal was to show its partners in the furniture industry how trends come about, how to interpret and develop them into market-ready products. Workshops facilitated personal interchange and created a platform to discuss relevant themes with the visitors, focussing on decor innovations, plain colours, pearlescent/metallic effects, new surface feel and surface structures.

During three weeks in November, three times a day visitors could attend a workshop - starting with a presentation of the current decors combined with the plain colours Visual Perfect. Presenters Salvatore Figliuzzi, Marketing and Décor Development Manager at Interprint, and Daniel Heitkamm from the design and marketing team also introduced technologies ready to enter the big market of end consumers, like the 3D-printer.

The design of the newly decorated showroom inspires both the Interprint team and its visitors. Everything here is anything but ready-made. "The many different stories” conveyed here stimulate reflection and are an endless source of inspiration. The inviting atmosphere is characterized by contrasts between wood, white and reseda green. Contrasts play an important role in dealing with trends, since in the world of design they have a linking function, from wood-, colour- and style contrasts to contrasting manufacturing technologies. This is also illustrated by the uncommon front of the Design Centre, where this year’s Furniture Days took place. While in 2011 more than 100 international decision makers came to Arnsberg, the Interprint Furniture Days in 2012 welcomed more than 200 visitors of over 100 companies from all over Europe. For sure, the international partners went home with a lot of ideas!


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