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Protecting the health and safety of our employees at all Janoschka and Linked plants, customers and business partners worldwide continues to be our top priority. 

As the Coronavirus continues to have global impact, we want to outline for you the precautions we are taking to keep our employees and communities as safe as possible. We are actively monitoring the situation in all of our locations and following the guidance of the authorities. 

The disease caused by the new Coronavirus has affected our daily business, no doubts, and we know that we must be prepared to conduct business in the face of any type of challenge. While supporting our customers’ business needs as seamlessly as possible, we have taken all precautions possible, some of them are: 

Increased hygiene measures were implemented at all our operations. The visitor presence is limited to the necessary and the general travel ban and “social distancing” alert for all your employees are further provisions to help to slow down the spread of COVID-19. 

Currently working at their home offices, our customer service and account management teams continue to be available to you as usual. Virtual formats are available for online meetings. 

Besides the current shutdown of some operations in the ASPAC region imposed by the government, we do not expect any interruptions to our services due to our preparations and contingency plans. We have also taken steps to make sure that our service partners have the appropriate business continuity plans in place to ensure continued operations. 

Be assured that we are prepared to adapt our procedures and precautions according to changing circumstances or new findings. 

Thank you for your partnership in general and during this challenging period in particular.

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