Constantia Flexibles selects Wikitude as technology partner to deliver AR in interactive packaging

Constantia Interactive was introduced last year to facilitate digital communication and marketing opportunities in the food and pharmaceutical industries. It also meets the growing demand from consumers for an enhanced experience when engaging with brands and products. For brands, interactive packaging enables them to understand consumer shopping behaviour, target consumers more effectively and improve their products. All of this strengthens the customer's relationship with the brand, stated Constantia Flexibles.

Alexander Baumgartner, Constantia Flexibles CEO, said: ‘According to our survey, 69 percent would rather choose a product for which they can call up useful additional information with their smartphone. Our answer is Constantia Interactive. As soon as the smartphone camera detects the innovative product packaging, additional information about ingredients, instructions for use or interactive marketing campaigns appear.’

Using Wikitude’s AR software, smartphones can recognize a variety of shapes and packaging. The software runs on iOS, Android and Windows operating platforms. Wikitude CEO Martin Herdina added: ‘Google Search revolutionized the web 20 years ago. Likewise, augmented reality will fundamentally change the way we consume information. When customers unite product discovery with such apps on their everyday shopping, augmented reality will soon be the norm to every consumer.’

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