Esko Releases Full HD Flexo for Flexible Packaging

In the quest for quality, until now the combination of smooth highlight printing and gravure-like solid ink densities for flexible packaging remained difficult. Esko, who significantly improved flexo platemaking with its HD Flexo technology, now provides a crucial answer by releasing Full HD Flexo for flexible packaging. First introduced at drupa 2012, Full HD Flexo today is a proven technology, implemented at more than twenty flexo tradeshops and converters worldwide - all of whom confirm the outstanding benefits of this technology.

"With Full HD Flexo, Esko once more raises the standard. Esko flexo customers are asking for the combination of the benefits of HD Flexo together with a gravure-like ink laydown and a fully digitally controlled platemaking workflow. This is what Full HD Flexo brings and it moves flexo to an unseen level of quality and consistency with no need for compromises. Our unique, patented technology stretches the possibilities of flexo printing, allowing it to perfectly match gravure and offset quality for flexible packaging," explains Jürgen Andresen, Esko Vice President, Flexo Business. "Since the introduction of HD Flexo, the high quality results achieved have created a growing demand for more packaging and labels to be printed in flexo. Also the proven sustainability and cost benefits contributed to the raising success of flexo printing. Now, Full HD Flexo will help to further accelerate this demand."

No need for compromises
HD Flexo quickly has set new standards thanks to the fine highlights, transitions to zero, sharp text and brilliant image details it produces. Full HD Flexo adds gravure-like solid ink laydown of the correct solid density, along with vibrant brand colors, supreme platemaking consistency and the only fully digitally controlled platemaking workflow available in industry.

The unique Full HD Flexo dot shape delivers a superior flexo plate suitable for the highlight, shadow and solid areas of a print job. "We went beyond the binary discussion of flat top or round top dots, and created the best possible combination of print dot structures on one plate. This enables to differentiate the ink laydown on the substrate for different parts of the artwork on one single plate. This is a giant step forward for flexible packaging converters as the result is high quality flexible packaging that stands out. In addition, users report better performance of the flexo plate on the press for print consistency and printing speeds," explains Jan Buchweitz, Senior Product Manager Digital Flexo at Esko.

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