The new inner liner

Success: The new inner liner made of pure paper instead of aluminum in the hard boxes of Natural American Spirit boosts sustainability. The first part of a large-scale sustainability project for Natural American Spirit has been completed: Almost 90 % of CO2-emissions and over 70 % of energy will be saved to support the environment.

EllIn Europe almost 250 billion cigarette boxes are being produced every year. Alone the production of the silver liner, that encloses the cigarettes, creates approx. 1.6 billion kg CO2-emissions and consumes about 5 billion kWh of energy. The so called „silver paper“ is a combination of a thin aluminum foil and a hint of paper.

„In the future we will completely omit aluminum and only use pure paper“ states Carolina Schweig who initiated the project for Natural American Spirit - her consulting firm for packaging is responsible for the implementation. This conversion will save almost 90 % of the usual CO2-emissions and over 70 % of the regular energy consumption during the production process of the inner liners. The integrity of the cigarettes is still guaranteed and the paper promises a new, pleasant surface feel. „We found a really dedicated and environmentally active partner in our client, the tobacco producer Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, who does not mind the risk of going new ways for the sake of sustainability – you don’t find this often in the industry“ declares Mrs. Schweig.

The project to omit aluminum greatly benefitted from Santa Fe’s positive attitude. A huge advantage for the project of omitting aluminum was Santa Fe’s positive attitude. They already decided a couple of years ago to start using climate neutral printing methods and FSC-papers. Overall nobody had to be convinced of the project itself, the engineering firm C.E. Schweig could start immediately with the technical details of the project, thus keeping the overall project duration at a little bit under 6 months.

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