Kodak Flexcel direct laser at SWG

In mid-October 2012, Sächsische Walzengravur (SWG) in Frankenberg installed a new KODAK Flexcel Direct system for direct laser engraving of elastomer sleeves and plates. The very successful beta trial period will continue for another few months.

The Flexcel Direct system is a newly developed machine concept with optimally matched components. The laser engraving unit works with high-resolution, energy-efficient multi-channel laser diode technology (915 nm) and 1,280 watt laser power. Hence defined raster widths up to 70 l/cm are possible. The system also includes the Kodak TIFF front end software with a 3D workflow for converting single-bit raster information into three-dimensional engraving data as well as sleeves and plates with a special, system-specific elastomer formulation.

“We have deliberately built up our direct laser technology over the years. Our decision for the Kodak Flexcel Direct system is a continuation of this strategy into the flexographic printing of high-end packaging,” explained Jörg Günther, Sales Director at SWG. “Thanks to the high resolution and innovative beam shaping of the Flexcel Direct system, we can achieve a significant improvement in engraving quality compared with carbon dioxide laser technology – and at the same time increase our productivity. These new technical possibilities are helping us improve our competitiveness against suppliers of flexographic printing forms based on photopolymer plates.”

Should you have any questions, please contact Mr. Jörg Günther, Managing Director SWG, or Mr. Rainer Geiger, Business Unit Manager Flexo.

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