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Linked2Brands agency further expands its global footprint

Linked2Brands, the production agency for brand owners and former Janoschka brands business, has further expanded its organisation with a first footmark in Asia.

It is already the fifth Linked2Brands country after Germany, Brazil, Russia and Turkey. India pursues the consistent implementation and presentation of brands at the point of sale, just like its sister agencies. The global network of Linked2Brands agencies continues to grow.

The business was created in 2019 in Germany and has meanwhile expanded to offices in Brazil, Russia, Turkey and now India. Based in the Indian metropolis Mumbai, Linked2Brands India is keen to specialise in design adaptation, layout, artwork and print and colour management, supporting brand owners along the entire value chain. In addition, consultancy services in local language on all types of packaging projects for food and non-food products and their presentation at the point of sale provide valuable expertise.

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