Janoschka does research for project OptiK-Net

The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is supporting OptiK-Net, a joint project involving a number of industry experts, including from the printing industry. The project was officially launched in October 2019. As a project partner, Janoschka is in the process of developing an innovative printing tool at its Kippenheim site.

As a packaging printing specialist with decades of experience, Janoschka has become involved with the OptiK-Net scheme (full title: “Direct print and integration of optical short range networks”) as a project partner in October 2019. The German Ministry of Education and Research is providing a total of 3m euros for six consortium partners, highlighting the ground-breaking potential of this research project.

OptiK-Net’s mission is to perfectly combine the benefits of electronic circuit boards with those of optical communications. The declared objective is the cost- and resource-efficient production of such optical waveguides. For the first time, high-performance printing processes will be enabled to directly print highly functional polymer-based optical waveguides for optical networks on an industrial scale.

A number of different printing processes, such as silkscreen, flexo and gravure, will be evaluated to this end. As an expert in gravure printing, Janoschka will be dedicated to developing an innovative printing tool, which will ultimately enable the use of printed optical waveguides in a variety of areas of daily life.

“The prepress industry is driven by technology, and our innovation strategy has always been consistent and application-focused. We want to offer significant added value – not only to our customers, but the industry as a whole. OptiK-Net provides the ideal platform for making the power of innovation available to other industries and sectors”, explains Falko Klein, Project Manager OptiK-Net, Janoschka Deutschland.

Contact: Falko Klein, Janoschka Deutschland, +49 7825 849-205


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