GAA Global Summit Re-cap

Dynacyl: a new concept for rotogravure cylinders for small print runs in packaging printing by Janoschka.

We welcomed a truly international crowd to the "B" Resort in Orlando on March 8-9 for the 2017 Global Summit. Everyone is focused on opportunity through capability and efficiency. Gravure is on the move - for too long we have wrestled with all that is wrong with Gravure. Well at last, the industry has owned its legacy, identified its value proposition and has a plan for the future. Breakthrough thinking along with breakthrough technology has contributed to a business case for the expansion of Gravure, especially in packaging.

Opening the Summit in Orlando was Professor Eller, who gave a project update. Using technologies such as Hybrid Cylinders and engravable nickel-plating as technology examples, he explained how an in-house Gravure engraving operation could match the price of in-house Flexo platemaking. An important part of this study is to identify, maintain and enhance the benefits of Gravure printing.

Economics and theory of Solvent Recovery were explained by two diverse approaches. First Giuseppe Dell'Acqua from DCT showed us the economics and ROI of a full solvent recovery system as replacement technology for incinerators. Then Marty Cansler assessed the room and decided to describe the production of Moonshine in order to explain the distillation process. Samples were on hand for those who needed further evidence! Thanks again to Gary Jones of PIA; Gary always delivers up to date and relevant information about EPA regulations and safety in the workplace. His graphic videos, shown over the past couple of years, certainly illustrate the consequences of becoming complacent about safety procedures.

Thank you to the 20 Exhibitors at the Global Marketplace; if anyone wanted to learn more about today's Gravure, all they had to do is walk around the room and engage with the exhibitors. We had students from both Rochester Institute of Technology and University of Wisconsin-Stout, who did that very thing at the Summit.

The Cylinder Society recognized its first inductee of 2017. Brian Hacking has been instrumental in developing inks and solutions for customer's unique problems. Brian has continued to stay close with printers in the field along with suppliers of equipment to optimize results in the Gravure process. Brian continues to spread the positive word about Gravure no matter where his travels take him.

Janoschka, along with W&H proposed a total concept for Short-run Gravure, with specifically designed lightweight cylinders that are delivered on a rental basis to the printer. These cylinders, named Dynacyl from Janoschka, run in the new W&H Dynastar press that boasts a short web path, fast changeover and minimal ink waste. Rudi Weis Schiff and Tom Apple gave detailed presentations, covering the background and implementation of their respective technologies.

Garry Machine presented an alternative base repurposing technology; they introduced a thin walled sleeve construction that increased the circumference of an existing cylinder to the size required. The void between the sleeve and the original cylinder surface is filled with a lightweight substance to eliminate inherent vibration.

Paul Romanelli updated us on tools for the pressroom, his Direct Proofer presents the opportunity for color delivery confirmation directly from the cylinder at press-side. Being as the correct substrate and ink are used in this device, Paul also informed us of a small, hand held device for measuring and comparing color.

Mind-blowing label market - perfect for the Gravure advantage! Dan Muenzer from Constantia engaged the crowd with examples of new and innovative label designs that create products that are interactive with the consumer on many levels.

Scott Thrift and JD Harris presented the enhanced value of GEF as the premier supplier of training to the Gravure Industry. In addition to the Operator Certification program and the Basic & Advanced seminars, JD shared many customer testimonials from on-site training events and specific problem solving consultations.

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