Major Investment by VPK Packaging Group in Poland

VPK Packaging Group NV is investing €40 million in the expansion of its activities in Poland. A new plant will be built to develop the ‘Aquila’ capacity and footprint. Additionally, a first ‘VPK Packaging’ plant will be built to serve international FMCG customers. The investments will be realized in 2014. The new Aquila plant will start in first quarter of 2015.

Today VPK Packaging Group operates two sheetfeeders under the Aquila brand in Poland. VPK realized a consolidated turn-over of €110 million in Poland in 2013. The new investments will increase this figure to €170 million. Under Aquila, VPK will build its third sheetfeeder plant for the Polish market. A sheetfeeder produces corrugated sheets, ready to be converted by customers to manufacture packaging for niche markets. Location for this green field project is close to Wrocław and will be identical to the existing plant of Aquila Radomsko, equipped with 2,8m width corrugator. This will increase the total capacity of Aquila business in Poland by 50%. The focus is to reduce delivery distance and increase the service rate for the delivery of sheets to our customers.

The location of the three plants in Poznan, Warsaw and Wroclaw region will cover the full Polish geography. The Aquila business will continue to operate on an independent decentralized way. Under VPK Packaging the company will also start production of corrugated packaging to supply the Polish locations of European Key Accounts of the VPK Packaging Group.

VPK Packaging aims to supply corrugated packaging to Pan European food, drinks and fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) markets. This investment consists of the extension of the production site of Aquila Radomsko corrugating plant , close to Warsaw, with the production space, that will be dedicated to high quality printed corrugated packaging manufacturing. This investment had been triggered by the strategic need for expanding the service to VPK Group European Customers and geographical coverage of VPK’s corrugated packaging facilities.

“This is a major step forward in the expansion of VPK in Poland. By building these two new plants, we are giving ourselves the means to match our ambitions, and intend to continue to develop our presence in Central Europe.”, according to Pierre Macharis, the Group’s CEO. “The development of Aquila with this ambitious growth plan will increase the service and product range offered to our customers and create additional economies of scale.”, concluded Pawel Rogalka, Managing Director of Aquila.

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