UNI Packaging wins award at Oscar de l’Emballage

Flexible packaging group, UNI Packaging, has won an Oscar at this year’s Oscar de l’Emballage held in Paris on 26 November. The award was for the production of a multiple range of YOOJI stand-up pouch designs, printed through their new digital print for flexible packaging offering, UNIDigiflex. 

UNI Packaging was asked by YOOJI to produce 16 designs of their organic frozen vegetable purées, designed for babies. Using UNI Packaging’s digital print technology, YOOJI had the ability to produce packaging for their entire range of recipes.

“Had we gone down the route of conventional printing, we would have had to limit our launch to 5 products and certain key designs simply wouldn’t have been produced,” said Phillippe Briffault, cofounder of YOOJI.

With the unique flexibility of the UNI-Digiflex print solution, the designs were used to the full to maximise the marketing and communication opportunity, as well being supported by a widespread social media tie-in. The main benefit of digital printing for YOOJI, being the ability to be able to update and change packs quickly.

“Each time you buy a pack of broccoli, for example, the pack will be updated and refreshed,” added Briffault. Of the award, Franck Caresmel, UNI Packaging’s CEO commented: “Our UNI-Digiflex brand has been an overnight success story. As a pioneer for digital innovation, it has far reaching benefits for our customers, enabling them to create an advantage over their competitors by being unique and innovative in their packaging designs.”

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