Unilever's entire mayonnaise portfolio goes 'squeezy'

Hellmann’s, the number one mayonnaise brand from Unilever UK, is launching a new no-mess squeezy format across its entire portfolio. The launch of the new packaging format will benefit from a £2.8m marketing investment around the BBQ season in 2013. The squeezable packaging features a clean lock cap with a ‘no mess’ patented design and a bigger base for maximum stability.

Lola Danlos, assistant brand manager for Hellmann’s at Unilever UK, said: "As the leader in Mayonnaise with a 69.5% share of the total Mayonnaise market (IRI MAT 22 Dec 2012 – Value Share), we are committed to investing into the category and encouraging further growth into the squeezy sector. "Hellmann’s is growing 18% in volume sales year-on-year, so we’re confident that the launch of our new packaging format will drive even more value into the Mayonnaise market."

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