SBU Security

Lothar Roth is the new Business Unit Manager Security. Besides his new function, Mr. Roth will continue to fulfill his engagement as General Manager Technology on Janoschka’s global performance.

Being deeply experienced and skilled in technology issues, Lothar Roth will be heading the business unit dealing with security features and its applications starting October 1st, 2012. Michael Wagner, who so far took care of all security printing matters, will go into his well-deserved retirement.

Lothar Roth has been in the company since 1980 and today he accounts all issues regarding technology, standardization and quality management as well the offering from the Janoschka Academy. In addition, he supervises the entire technical area from reproduction through colour management to the use of workflow systems.

Linked with complex production processes, security features may be applied to flexible packaging in a versatile manner. Our many years of expertise and maximum precision in the manufacture of gravure cylinders qualify Janoschka as prepress partner for security printing.

We are optimally equipped for this market thanks to our highly innovative technologies. Printing projects for commercial papers and bank notes or the adaption of functional elements to food packaging happen in close cooperation with the industry.

For further questions you may always contact Mr. Roth, Tel. +49 7825 849 119.

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