Austria's Mondi Napiag expands film capacity

Austrian packaging manufacturer Mondi Napiag expanded its capacity for high barrier film aimed primarily at the food industry. The Zeltweg-based converter has installed a new blown film extruder that enables it to produce films of up to 14 layers, including barrier materials of EVOH and polyamide. The new line broadens the Mondi Napiag product portfolio offering film with higher gloss and transparency than its existing range. "This new extruder enables us to meet the individual requirements of our customers and to offer attractive films for better differentiation at the point-of-sale (POS)," Günter Leitner, managing director Mondi Napiag, explained. Early this year, the company launched a 7-layer blown film extruder from the German supplier Windmüller & Hölscher and also operates another six 5-layer extruders. Trials on the latest plant addition show off the visual benefits of the 7 and 14 layer high barrier films apart from the product’s increased puncture and tear resistance, offering greater protection for sharp edged foods like bread rolls and bacon, according to Mondi Napiag. The newest barrier films also provide high aroma protection as well as extended package shelf life. Napiag joined Mondi films & bags division of the worldwide paper and packaging Mondi Group in 2007. The Austrian firm, which produces not only multilayer barrier film but also polyethylene film as well, is a leading supplier to the food and pet foods sectors. 

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