New pack recovery label for US

A new packaging recovery label based on the UK’s On Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) is to be rolled out in the US next year to help boost recycling rates, said sustainability group GreenBlue. The body announced that its Sustainable Packaging Coalition developed the voluntary label to also ease consumer confusion over how best to recycle materials. The system, which took three years to develop, has been based on the UK’s OPRL. “Consumers are faced with a confusing landscape of recycling messages and instructions that are often inconsistent or misleading,” said GreenBlue project Anne Bedarf. She added: “We believe this label will create a harmonised system that will help consumers and companies contribute to more effective resource recovery.” Each packaging component is labelled as widely recycled, not yet recycled, or limited recycling with instructions for consumers on how to check locally. Companies such as Microsoft, Costco Wholesale and ConAgra Foods have agreed to use the label on their packaging starting in 2012. North Carolina Department for Environment and Natural Resources spokesman Scott Mouw said: “We strongly believe that recycling programmes across the country and the general public’s commitment to recycling behaviour will greatly benefit from a clear and sensible package labelling framework.”

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