NORDENIA USA Jackson Receives Three FPA Gold Awards

Cat litter experiences gold rush

The Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) awards once again proved to be a gold mine for NORDENIA USA Jackson. Two types of packaging were honored at the 55th distinguished industry award ceremony. The Clorox Fresh Step cat litter packaging received two awards, one from the category Packaging Excellence and one from the category Sustainability. NORDENIA was also honored with a Gold Award for the print quality of the dog food packaging Nestle ONE Dog. “These awards are a confirmation of our work, especially as we received them for different areas of performance,” said Bill Burke, President of NORDENIA USA Jackson.

By replacing a rigid container for Clorox Fresh Step Cat litter with a flexible packaging, 80 percent of material could be saved. Resulting cost reductions along the entire supply chain increased the packaging’s sustainability. At the same time, the FPA Awards’ jury praised the innovative design of the packaging, which retained all convenience features of the previous format. The Clorox package already won the DuPont Gold Award and the Ameristar Award from the Institute of Packaging Professionals in 2010.

NORDENIA USA received its third Gold Award for the printing quality of the dog food packaging Nestle ONE Dog. The FPA praised the packaging for being an “outstanding example of Nordenia’s FlexZiBox® five panel display and rotogravure printing quality”. It was called an excellent example of what flexible packaging can provide to the pet food market. The NORDENIA Group's North American site has repeatedly received awards honored for its high-quality printing performances in previous years. NORDENIA was the only company at this year's FPA Awards ceremony to receive Gold Awards for two different types of packaging.

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