Janoschka Swiss

After consolidating the shareholding structure on the German market, Janoschka is now underlining again its strategic focus by establishing in Switzerland. Extending the Janoschka network is another step of the prepress specialist to become the most customer oriented company in the market.

The new family member called Janoschka Swiss AG is completing the product offer in Switzerland. Besides graphical products and services including product photography offered by the Janoschka associated company Packpool, the market is now being supplied with rotogravure printing tools from Janoschka.

The fully automated production line in Bleienbach with a current production capacity of 6.500 hollow cylinders is unique in the DACH region. The manufacturing capacity may be extented to a volume of 10.000 cylinders if needed. Mainly Swiss customers will profit of the standardized Janoschka quality.

The staff of 12 employees of the former Beck Swissform AG is completely transferred into Janoschka, and will likely reach a turnover of 2 Mio. CHF in the current year.

„We focus our efforts on further extending the Janoschka network. Our service concept for our customers is paramount here, and we are going to actively pursue those geographical areas where we can provide market support.“, says Alexander Janoschka, Chief Executive Officer.

For further Information please contact Michael Janoschka, Chief Operation Officer.

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