Nordmeccanica, Hydro to Host Joint Technical Conference

Nordmeccanica and Hydro Aluminium Rolled Products will hold a joint technical event from February 23-24 at Nordmeccanica’s facility in Piacenza, Italy (Strada dell’Orsina 16). The two-day technical workshop will feature demonstrations of lamination with the thinnest foils in the industry today. The program will also include demonstrations of solvent-based and 100 percent solid adhesive lamination using 6.3-micron and 5-micron foils, laminated to print substrates. Presentations from Nordmeccanica, Hydro, professor Giuseppe Giordano of the University of Milan and professor Duncan Darby of Clemson University will also highlight the event.

For more information and to attend, contact Nordmeccanica or Hydro.

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