Janoschka reduces share in SWG, Frankenberg

SWG in Frankenberg, Saxony/Germany

Janoschka Holding GmbH will reduce its share in Sächsische Walzengravur GmbH (SWG). At the same time, both companies agree long-term cooperation in product development and manufacturing.

"Sächsische Walzengravur will remain a vital part of our global Janoschka network, which currently has 24 sites in 13 countries. One focus of our cooperation will be the jointly agreed development and innovation strategy," explains Alexander Janoschka, CEO and shareholder of Janoschka.

The reasons behind the share reduction relate primarily to the internationalisation of production capacities within the Janoschka network.

The two companies are consolidating their cooperation in the joint development of new future markets - especially in product innovation, which has been increasingly dynamic in previous years, with a focus on '3D/direct laser technology' and 'materials/engraving layers'. Both partners are placing particular emphasis on innovative printing and embossing dies, as increasingly used in the tobacco industry and in decor.

Jörg Günther and Volkmar Zschage, Managing Directors of SWG, also see a great opportunity in the change in shareholding: "SWG is now once again majority-owned by the family of the company founder, August Dippmann. The new direction of our partnership with Janoschka also gives us new strategic options, which do not exclude a further shareholding."

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