Amcor launches colored closures for wine packaging

Australian packaging firm Amcor has launched a new range of colored closures for wine bottles under its Stelvin brand. The new range of closures will be available with an option to choose from 24 different colors. The company identified new color trends to create a new range which will allow bottlers, traders and wine producers to meet new market opportunities for both large and small runs. The closures will lend an original packaging look to the bottles with optimal lead times.

Amcor Flexibles Capsules sales and marketing director Arturo Martorelli said: "Once again Amcor is providing an innovative service at a competitive price so as to ensure that its clients can respond quickly to changing market requirements."

These 24 traditional and modern ColourSprint closures include four original metallic colors. Amcor Flexibles Chalon sur Saône is producing and co-coordinating customer service for this new product range which will be offered exclusively with the Stelvin 30x60 capsule and Saranex liner. Headquartered in Australia, Amcor currently employs 27,000 people across the world and has operations across 43 countries.

The company provides packaging solutions and a range of rigid and flexible packaging products to the food, beverage, healthcare, home and personal care and tobacco packaging industries.

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